Neil Beardmore

Award Winning Writer, Artist, Musician

Who is Neil Beardmore?

Writer, Artist, Musician

Neil Beardmore:  Writer, Artist and Musician


Winner of The Richard Burton Poetry Award in the 90’s, Neil went on to achieve an MA in Creative Writing, specialising in Poetry and Novel Writing.

Neil’s poems have been published in Orbis, The Interpreter’s House, The Cannon’s Mouth, Erbacce, Dream Catcher, MinK, Tales of the Foodbank and many other magazines.

Neil often takes on commissions and proudly wrote a poem celebrating 150 years of the village where he lives, plus a poem to be added to a local sculpture

Neil performs his poetry around the UK plus many Literary Festivals

In 2019 Neil and Bob Devereux delivered a poetry event with slide show about Painters and Paintings at the St Ives Literary festival.

Recollections, poems and Neil’s black and white photos from the 80’s formed a reading at Toddington Poetry Society late in 2019.


A View of Glass Mountains was developed with help from Questors Theatre, receiving a full script in hand performance in October 2019. It was then broadcast on Radio Dacorum in November.

Pristine in Blue received a full professional production at the MK Literary festival 2014, directed by Rosemary Hill.

In the 90s Neil won the Sussex Playwrights National Award and workshopped plays with Soho Theatre.


Lemon Seas, Neil’s debut novel was published in 2017 and is available at Spring Leaf Books and Amazon.

Set in contemporary Goa, this literary suspense novel follows Rich, a recently divorced father escaping a failed teaching career. On arrival in his paradise he is immediately confronted with a drowned beach-dancing girl. Being accused by the local police chief of being complicit in the death of another girl, Rich has to go on the run to prove his innocence.

Launched in Literary Festivals and events in Milton Keynes, St Ives and Liverpool, Lemon Seas has achieved critical acclaim.

ART and MUSIC  Neil continues to exhibit his work, and as a singer/songwriter in blues/jazz, performs regularly.


Images for Release

Neil & Bob Devereux performing at St Ive
Playing the Blues at St Ives Literary fe

Photo Courtesy of Mike Honour

Photo Courtesy of Ashra Burman

Playing the Blues at St Ives Literary fe

Lemon Seas

Published by Pneuma Springs Publishing UK. ISBN13: 9781782284239

Goa: this was the break Rich had waited for, what with a broken marriage and his mother’s death. At last he could breathe again on a beach lined with palm trees. The discovery of the body of an Indian dancing girl as he arrives shatters his expectations and he’s quick not to get involved. Nina, the wild young singer in a band provides romantic distractions. Dinesh and Frank befriend him and all is going well. Until his world is turned upside down when interrogated by Lakshya, the local Police Chief, a clever, well educated man who’s strong on accusations.

When other dancing girls go missing, Rich is prime suspect. The heat is on and proving his innocence is not going to be easy – there’s only one thing for it: follow the trail through a tropical paradise of forests and beaches to find the truth. But can he trust those around him? Who can he count on when he goes on the run through the shadows of the underworld? The conflicts of death, a fiery romance and trying to chill become intertwined. Will he be able to stay alive long enough to expose the deceit and cover ups and enjoy this place of paradise?

Guy Russell, author and prize winning poet, says of the novel:
‘The murder of a young girl threatens to expose the dark side of beach-holiday India, and a horror that certain powerful people will go to any lengths to keep hidden. It’s a gripping, moving and ultimately eye-opening story, with a troubled but courageous protagonist, romance, disguise, car chases, fabulous scenery – in fact, everything you could wish for in a book!’
Judi Moore, author of Ice Cold Passion and other stories writes of Lemon Seas:
“Beardmore gets right into the heart of the stories he tells. He is, in addition, an habitué of Goa and knows his setting and characters intimately, unfolding this poignant story of the mysterious East through an empathetic Western eye.”


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